So much for the quiet season!!

Bountiful Bess Retrained Racehorse Showjumping

So after a fantastic, constructive eventing season with all of the horses (bar a couple of blips), we are now into the throws of winter.

The Team
Sadly Grace left us at the end of October to go and try her hand at a ‘non horsey’ job. We are all very sad to see her go, as she has been an incredibly important part of the teams success and I have a very hard task of finding someone to fill her shoes
Clare has decided to stay until May which is fantastic as she is brilliant at running the yard and is my rock.

The Horses

Monte has had a six week holiday in the field and has come in very fluffy and is very pleased to be in work, this time of year is always full of capriole/bronking accompanied by some pig squeals! His aim will be the big “B” but we will see how things go, I’m sure after a few days with the Pytchley hunting, the jockey will be back ‘on it’!
Doris has been hunting with the Pytchley flying like Pegasus over some whopping hedges! Such an incredible little horse who I’m privileged to ride, he has got as brave as a lion and absolutely loves it. Fread has had a couple of days hunting and he seems to have gone from beach donkey to fiery dragon ! It has improved him a lot, I think it’s the best way for young horses to figure out their footwork and self confidence. He is now having three months in the field as he is only five years old and I really believe their bodies need time to grow and mature. George is getting ready to go hunting just before Christmas and I can’t wait to see how he takes to it. Bountiful Bess a mare I got out of training from Pam Sly in early January 2016, has been blossoming slowly and surprises us every day. She is a fantastic mover, has a great jump, incredible work ethic and tries so hard (she has persuaded Clare to stay) definitely a star in the making!!

Click here to see photos of Doris out hunting near Walgrave, taken by our brilliant local professional photographer Boyd Gilmour earlier this season.

We also have some new additions for 2017 which I’m very lucky to have the ride on!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!


Oh yes……… I have also started to build my house at the yard!⛏eekk